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Use Python to print labels with Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

Dymo is a leading company for label printing. Altought several things can be done using their DYMO Label v.8 Software, I found that there was no way to set a specific date in a label layout so that every time I need to print a label I have the current date plus 30 days. I read the manual and I found that to do it we have to use a variable field but this is something that has to be handled using an external program.

So I wrote a little python tool that runs on Windows 7 and that does exactly what I need. Make sure to install pywin32 since we are going to use COM apis.

This is my example label (my.label) and the related Python code:

As you can see I have two fields in the XML with IsVariable set to True and I have assigned to them the name TEXT1 and TEXT2. Now, all the logic happens between line 30 and line 41 of the Python script.

That’s all! With only few lines of Python code we are able to print a label using our Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo printer.

Note: the full code is available on GitHub including the scripts to build a self-contained executable.

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