Matteo Mattei

## Personal informations: - _Born_ in Florence - Italy on 5th February 1982. - _Living_ in Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italy. - _Citizenship_ Italian. - _Working e-mail_ []( - _Personal e-mail_ []( - _Certified e-mail_ []( - _Website_ []( - _LinkedIn_ [matteomattei]( - _Google+_ [+MatteoMattei]( - _Facebook_ [matte0matte1]( - _Twitter_ [matteomattei]( - _Github_ [matteomattei]( - _Npm_ [matteomattei]( - _Telephone number_ +39 340 8846263 ## Languages: - _Italian_ mother tongue. - _English_ good written and spoken. - _Spanish_ under studying ## Subscriptions and Certifications: - [ISIPM-Base]( certification (Italian Institute of Project Management). ## Independent coursework: - _2013_ – MongoDB for DBA state of accomplishment – course held by [MongoDB University]( - _2013_ – MongoDB for developers state of accomplishment – course held by [MongoDB University]( - _2013_ – Startup Engineering – Course held by [Stanford University]( - _2013_ – PRTI – Personal Review & Team Inspection applied to software. Course held by [Danaher]( - _2012_ – Project Manager – Esperto in progettazione e rendicontazione. Course held by [Stargate Consulting]( - _2011_ – Project Management in Open Source software development model: Organizational models, case studies. Course held and recognized by [Regione Toscana]( - _2011_ – Project Management in Open Source software development model: Community development. Course held and recognized by [Regione Toscana]( - _2011_ – Project Management in Open Source software development model: Bugtracking Tools. Course held and recognized by [Regione Toscana]( - _2011_ – Project Management in Open Source software development model: Control Systems. Course held and recognized by [Regione Toscana]( - _2011_ – Project Management in Open Source software development model: Cathedral vs Bazaar. Course held and recognized by [Regione Toscana]( - _2009_ – Virtualization Experience with VMWare ESX. Course held by [Computer Gross]( (IBM business partner). - _2007_ – Computer, Network and Wireless Forensics at Pisa's University. Course held by [Raggruppamento Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche]( ## Studies and trainings: - _March 2016_ Problem Solving Process course hold by Danaher Corporations at Gilbarco Veeder Root. - _2015 - 2016_ Efficacia Operativa Personale & Efficacia Operativa Interpersonale - at Gilbarco Veeder Root. - _2014_ PMP (Project Management Professional) by PMI at Gilbarco Veeder Root. - _June 2007_ Certification CCNA at [Pisa's University]( after network infrastructure course during 2005. - _February 2006_ Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at [Pisa's University]( - _October 2005_ Participation at Net&SystemSecurity conference at Pisa. - _July/August 2005_ Collaboration at [Pisa's CNR]( for the [MobileMan]( project that pointed to the creation of a wireless ad-hoc multi-hop network. - _May 2005_ Talk during [Linux World Expo]( in Milan for the presentation of [QLFS]( project (Quick - Linux From Scratch). - _April-September 2004_ Training at [Develer s.r.l.]( where I worked as a software developer for the interface programmed with smart-card for professional audio amplifiers for [Powersoft]( - _March 2004_ Training at [Seac s.r.l]( where I worked as a maintainer of a software used for blood analysis. - _April 2004_ Degree in Developer of Multimedia Application supported by European Community and Tuscany Region after a course of 600 hours with [Centro Studi CSCS](, during that I developed with others students the videogame [Omegawar]( - _July 2001_ scientific graduation at [Niccolò Copernico]( school in Prato. ## Working experiences: - _April 2019/Present_ Full Stack consultant at [AEP Ticketing Solutions s.r.l]( where I work in a team responsible to handle ticket payments for EMV cards and process them against several PSP (payment service providers). We also handle terminal management and cloud infrastructure (SaaS). - nodejs - php - redis - mysql - bull queues - mongodb - microservices - load balancing - fare rule engine - payment batch processing - retail/transit EMV payments - ISO 8859 - PSP gateway interfaces - SSL/TLS mutual authentication - _December 2019/Present_ IT consultant at [Luxury Brands Control]( where I was responsible to implement new features of the ERP I developed in the past year. Moreover I am also responsible to install and manage the production server. - _February 2017/Present_ Developer, DevOps and Project Manager. I am part of the great [Qboxmail s.r.l.]( team. Beyond the supervision and planning of the Qboxmail projects, I also have hands on the development, devops and system administration. We manage hundred servers used every day by hundred thousands people around the world. - Dovecot - Full text search (solr, flatcurve) - Antispam - Antivirus - Sieve filters - Postfix - Zone-mta - Nodejs - Ruby - PHP - Reactjs - Flask - Python - Bash - Application deployment - Complex server infrastructures - Backup management - Redis - Mongodb - MySQL - Docker - Keepalived - Whmcs - Proxmox - RedHat Enterprise Virtualization (ovirt) - Munin - protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP, SIEVE, SASL, CALDAV, CARDAV) - REST Api - Websocket - SSL certificates - _October 2016/November 2022_ CTO for [Agronit group s.r.l.]( where I lead the technological part of the company using the latest technologies to prepare the next generation agritech platform. - _2015/Present_ Co-Founder of [Chip2Bit]( - _2015/2018_ Co-Founder of [Rooma]( a SaaS platform to help B&B, hostels, little hotel, motel, etc... to manage reservations. - NodeJS (expressjs) - CouchDB (live sync through multiple devices) - PHP - PayPal API with recurring payments - MySQL - SSL certificates - CodeIgniter 3.x - _November 2015/December 2019_ IT Manager, System Administrator and web software developer at [Luxury Brands Control]( where I designed, configured and installed the network infrastructure and the client and server hosts. I also developed the internal software [PeltPro](projects/peltpro) to manage all operations of the laboratory. - Router/switches/access points - Firwalling (iptables) and masquerading - DHCP - RaspberryPi installed as a kiosk system on a HDMI TV to monitor status of the measured leathers. - Barcode scanners. - PHP5 - MySQL - Python - Bash - _June 2015/Present_ I cover the role of Linux System Administrator and Cloud Architect at [ShoppingScanner]( where I am responsible to maintain, design and hold the entire server infrastructure and build automated services for backup and background operations: - HTML5 - PHP (CodeIgniter) - Linux System Administration - Apache - MySQL - Python - S3 API - CDN (content delivery network) - Sphinx search engine - Memcached - GIT - Load balancer - _2015_ I developed [UsbAtlas]( with the sponsorship of [Fondazione Umberto Veronesi]( for doctors of Congo during the program of Quality control in colposcopy. The application has been developed as a singole page application using AngularJS and converted in executable using node webkit (nwbuild) to be installed in USB sticks. - HTML5 - AngularJs - JSON - Javascript - jQuery - CSS3 - node webkit - _2015_ I am a Co-Founder of [ColposcopyApp]( a new model of Quality Control in Colposcopy Screening for improving interobserver reproducibility and diagnosis consensus, representing a tool for Continuing Medical Education and diagnostic accuracy improvement. - _October 2014/Present_ I cover the role of CTO and Co-Founder of [MyResApp]( where I am responsible to maintain, design and lead the development of the platform: - HTML5 - jQuery - Ajax - Twitter Bootstrap - CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework - Nginx - Apache - NodeJs (ExpressJs) - MySQL - MongoDb - Amazon Route 53 - Amazon SES - Amazon S3 - Amazon EC2 - _March 2014_ I developed a web application (CyanideChecker) for [Bluclad s.r.l.]( that is used to check and monitor quantity of Cyanide to sell: - HTML5 - jQuery - Ajax - Twitter Bootstrap - CodeIngniter PHP MVC framework - MySQL - _November 2013_ I developed a web application for medical colposcopysts to validate and analyze images of clinical cases: - HTML5 - jQuery - Ajax - Twitter Bootstrap - CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework - MySQL - _October 2013/February 2017_ Platform Leader for [Gilbarco Veeder Root]( where I lead the development of all the three outdoor payment platforms of Gilbarco Veeder Root: M3, NGP and Vanguard. I am responsible for reliability tests and strategic platform choices that involve Linux kernel, device drivers tuning, build environment setup and platform system architecture: - Platform leader. - Linux internals. - Device drivers. - System architecture. - C/C++. - Python. - Bash. - Linux security. - Protocols. - Algorithms. - Mentor and trainer. - Product development. - _January 2012/September 2013_ Team Leader for NGP global platform for [Gilbarco Veeder Root]( where I lead a team of five software developers in Florence (Italy) keeping contacts with the headquarter technical resources and the project manager in Greensboro, NC. I am responsible for SPOT software development and release deliveries: - Project leader. - Delivery and configuration manager. - Team working / Team building. - Ability to build relationships across the organization. - Use limited, available resources to overcome obstacles and meet deadlines. - Handling priorities, demands and time lines. - Assign and weigh activities based on time and complexity. - Plan, prioritize and manage multiple tasks. - Scrum Master. - Mentor and trainer. - Linux server administration. - Software development. - Jira. - Crucible. - C/C++. - Python. - PHP. - Shell scripting. - Linux kernel internals. - _December 2008_ Consultant for [Gilbarco Veeder Root]( where I worked as Software Engineer and Linux System Administrator for a US project of the new payment platform (NGP) for oil stations: - Linux server administration. - Shell scripting. - Linux kernel internals. - C/C++. - Python. - Perl. - PHP. - Awk. - Sed. - Subversion. - sh / bash scripting. - Makefile / GNU toolchain. - Ubuntu Servers. - _June 2008/Present_ Consultant and System Architect at [Bluclad s.r.l.]( where I managed all the IT infrastructures of the company: - Linux server administration. - Windows 2003 server administration. - Samba. - NFS. - LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). - OpenLDAP. - Raid software with MDADM. - Backup procedures. - Network troubleshooting. - PHP development. - Ubuntu servers. - Archlinux clients. - Windows servers and clients. - _2005/Present_ Journalist at [LinuxPro]( - Content writer - Translator - _November 2011_ I developed a hotel reservation module in PHP for [Altrosito]( web agency: - PHP Codeigniter MVC framework. - MySQL. - CSS3. - HTML5. - jQuery. - _2010-2011_ Linux System administrator for MusicArea website. I also developed a PHP script to convert variable bitrate MP3 in a fixed and light bitrate MP3 using LAME tool. - PHP development. - Apache virtualhost customization. - Linux system administration (CentOS). - PHP modules installation: ImageMagick. - _January-August 2011_ I participate to the development of the web portal [Visualchallenge]( for marketing division of Piaggio, Aprilia and Coin for [MadeToSell]( This project handles third-level domains at runtime. - Linux system administration. - Apache Virtualhost management. - FTP server management. - PHP development. - MySQL. - jQuery. - PHP Codeigniter MVC framework. - CodeIgniter custom libraries. - Subversion. - DNS management. - _October-December 2010_ I participate to the development of the web portal [Vendere In Stile]( for sellers of Sony Italy for [MadeToSell]( This project handles third-level domains at runtime. - Linux system administration. - Apache Virtualhost management. - FTP server management. - PHP development. - MySQL. - jQuery. - PHP Codeigniter MVC framework. - CodeIgniter custom libraries. - Subversion. - DNS management. - _June-September 2010_ I developed the web portal [Controllo di Qualità in Colposcopia]( for colposcopist doctors of the [Regione Emilia Romagna]( This project is comply to the norms of security and accessibility described on ERMES. - PHP. - Javascript. - CSS2. - Mysql. - XHMLT Strict and all ERMES standard used. - _2010_ I developed a web front-end for Hylafax for [Bluclad s.r.l.]( - PHP Codeigniter MVC framework. - XML database storage. - PDF conversions. - _2010_ I developed a web application called ShareDoc for [Bluclad s.r.l.]( to permit to share documents with Gucci: - PHP Codeigniter MVC framework. - MySQL. - jQuery. - Runtime PDF generation. - Access lists. - _December 2009_ I developed the back-end and the front-end to insert news in pdf on [Vetreria Azzimonti]( for [Altrosito s.a.s.]( - PHP. - MySQL. - _November 2009_ Consultant as Linux System Administrator for [Intes s.r.l.]( where I worked for the OS initialization (u-boot, kernel e x-load) and of the operative system itself on [BeagleBoard]( for a new medical machine. - AngStrom Linux distribution. - U-boot script customization. - Beagleboard. - Linux kernel tuning. - Production installation procedure development. - _September 2009/October 2010_ Linux System Administrator for []( - Apache and MySQL server monitoring. - _June 2009_ I held a course of "Linux System Administration" at [Metaphoraformazione]( - _February 2009_ Linux System Administrator for [Altrosito s.a.s.]( - PHP. - Qmail. - Apache tuning for virtualhosts. - Plesk. - Backup management. - Bash scripting. - _2008-2009_ Linux System Administrator for [NextOne Media Limited]( (UK). - Apache. - MySQL tuning. - _December 2008_ Linux System Administrator for [Simbal]( web agency. - CentOS and Debian servers. - Apache tuning. - PHP modules installation. - PHP development for PDF generation for []( - _October 2008_ Consultant and System Administrator in a dental surgery. - Mixed network environment (linux/windows). - Samba management. - Printers management. - _October 2008_ I developed the website []( for selling arts. - Drupal / Wordpress - PHP. - CSS2/CSS3. - Javascript. - _September 2008_ I developed the website []( for leases and sales of prestigious buildings in Florence. - XHTML. - PHP. - CSS2. - _September 2008_ I developed a web application (Sesterzio) and the related website for [FinFlorence](, a loan and financial Italian company. - MySQL. - PHP backend. - Javascript. - _June/November 2008_ Consultant at [Gilbarco Veeder Root]( where I developed the SPOT SDK for the SPOT-M3 platform. - ColdFire CPU. - Makefile. - GNU toolchain. - Suse Linux. - uClinux. - Busybox. - _June 2008_ Handling of a multi-domain mail server for [Piesseti s.n.c.]( - Postfix. - Squid proxy. - Debian server. - _June 2008_ Consultant for [Sintesigroup s.r.l.]( where I deal with automatic backup of Linux servers on external drives. - Debian servers. - Extensive Bash scripting. - Backup management. - _February/April 2008_ I developed Archimede, a software for a chemical laboratory for [Bluclad s.r.l.]( - Project management. - Hand made PHP framework (like MVC) - MySQLi. - Javascript. - Ajax. - _June 2007_ Consultant for the web agency [Tek01]( where I developed some utility scripts to recover server-side services and I strength their server’s security. - Bash. - System administration. - _June 2007/January 2008_ Consultant at [Gilbarco Veeder Root S.p.A.]( where I worked as software developer and maintainer of Exxon kernel for Italy, England, Cyprus and Ireland. - C++. - Qt graphic library. - ClearCase. - Faircom database. - Microsoft Visual Studio. - _March/May 2007_ I developed a software in PHP + MySql for [Prisma s.r.l.]( to calibrate balances. - PHP. - MySQL. - Runtime PDF generation. - Javascript. - _January/February 2007_ Linux System Administrator at [Cecchi biz]( where I installed linux distributions on two Cobalt Raq4 server, and two Apple Xserve and I also configured a VoIP exchange with Asterisk. - Asterisk configuration. - Trixbox and FreePBX. - Linux software raid configuration. - _2006-2007_ Consultant for []( at [Gilbarco Veeder Root S.p.A.]( where I was implied in the software development (C++ & SQL) for applications to manage Gasoline stations for Finland. - Clearcase. - C++. - Qt graphic libraries. - Microsoft Visual Studio. - Visual Basic. - SQL. ## Computer languages: - Nodejs (advanced level) - PHP4, PHP5.x, PHP7.x (advanced level) - Python (advanced level) - Unix Shell (sh and bash Scripting) (advanced level) - (X)HTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3 (advanced level) - jQuery/Javascript (advanced level) - SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL (intermediate level) - NoSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis (intermediate level) - C/C++ (basic/intermediate level) - Perl (basic level) - Java (basic level) - Ruby (basic level) ## Operative Systems and platforms: - Gnu/Linux advanced (sysadmin level). - Windows advanced level. - Raspberry Pi advanced level. - Arduino intermediate level. - Unix/\*Bsd intermediate level. ## Working methodologies: - Scrum - Agile - XP (eXtreme Programming) - On-Site / Full-Remote ## Experiences: - Project management. - Configuration management. - DevOps. - Release and delivery management. - Revision Control Systems (SVN, Git, CVS, ClearCase). - SQL/NoSQL datatabase (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Sqlite). - E-mail stack: postfix, dovecot, spamassassin, clamav, iredapd, qmail, etc... - Build management (Makefile, Cmake, gcc, linker, patch, shell scripts, ...). - Javascript toolkit (npm, yarn, webpack). - System and network administration. - Networking (wired, wireless, switch, router, protocols, ...). - Software development. - Team working / Team building. - Clients relationship. ## Open Source projects and personal contributions: - Public projects are available at my [GitHub page]( - Public Nodejs libraries are available at [NPM repository]( - I developed some patches for [zone-mta]( - I developed a new functionality in [CodeIgniter]( PHP framework to send email attachment using string buffer and mime-type instead of physical files. - I cooperate in the development of [PyUbootImage](, a Python library to read and parse u-boot multi-image files. - I cooperate in the development of [PyRomfsImage]( a Python library to read and parse ROMfs files. - I developed a patch for [rootstock project]( to make available a better compression with bzip2 and a comment filter on manifest file. - I was the initial author of [wizbackup](, a script to automatize incremental backups using ssh and rsync. This project is currently used to backup the server farm of the [Free Software Foundation]( - Coordinator of []( - closed for the moment. - Founder and developer of [QLFS]( - Member of [LFS-Italia]( - Author of QLFS-LIVE - I contributed to the porting of a wireless driver for a Linux Embedded board: [Fox Board]( - I developed a patch for [phpldapadmin]( for HTTP authentication. ## Publications: In the years I wrote several articles for some Italian Linux magazines. At [this link]( (not updated due to lack of time) is available the list of the publications made on Linux Pro and Linux Magazine. ## Resume summary: I believe in Open Source software and Linux. I currently work as project manager and devops for an email hosting company. I also work as a freelance computer engineer for various organizations as Linux system administrator, cloud architect and web developer. I worked for startups, small, medium and big organizations and often also on more different projects simultaneously. I am always ready to learn new technologies and improve my skills. I am always open to new challenges and wherever there is a good opportunity of professional growth.