Matteo Mattei

Hello, my name is Matteo Mattei and this is my personal website. I am computer engineer with a long experience in Linux system administration and web software development.

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Script to remove trailing tilde (~) from temporary files

Using kate as similar text editors, temporary files that have been saved present an annoying trailing tilde that I personally consider useless. I am used to be careful when I edit a file, so I don’t need the backups. For this reason I developed this mini script in bash to remove temporary files from a folder.

rm `find $1 | grep "~$"`

I called the above file rmm and I put it in /usr/bin/ folder. To use it, just place in the folder you have files with trailing slashes and execute it:

$ rmm .

Or directly passing the folder as the first argument:

$ rmm /home/matteo/src

This script is trivial and can be obviously improved. If you want to contribute I will be happy to add your improvements.

How to record video streaming

I often see beautiful streaming videos in a variety kind of formats and some people that are trying to grab those videos without any concrete result. I want to share with you how to capture those streams and convert them in a more usable AVI format.

Well… the only thing to do is open a shell on Linux and check if you have installed mplayer, then run this simple command

$ mplayer "mms://url" -dumpstream -dumpfile video_out.avi


  • mms://url is the URL of the video stream.
  • video_out.avi is the output of the recorded video.

That’s all.

This trick is only available for streams play-ables with mplayer. For sites like Youtube or similar that encode video in flash format, you can’t do it.

Disclaimer: Some sites licenses cannot allow to grab any video. So, please read carefully sites licenses before record any streams.